Easy Baked Eggs

We are getting closer to Christmas!  I can not believe it is the 3rd Sunday of Advent already.  I went to Mass last night and we lit the pink candle in the advent wreath.  This candle symbolizes hope.

Time goes by so fast as I have learned over the years.  My oldest just got into college yesterday!  Wasn’t she just entering kindergarten?  I am feeling a bit nostalgic this morning.  As news has spread of my daughters entry to college via ED, early decision (which means binding, she is going:), people are reminding me of past stories about her and how they can’t believe she is finishing high school.  They are reminding me of this journey we take with our kids, how it takes a village and many villagers to raise children.  I am so blessed to have the friends and family near and far to help me on this journey we call parenthood.  I am also thankful I can be that villager to someone else regardless if their child is 6 months old or 16 years old.

I think we all need a little hope when we become parents.  Hope that we can be the best parents, hope that our kids are healthy, happy, make good choices, become good citizens and give back.  I consider myself hopeful and mostly optimistic, but not everyone has hope.  As you light your 3rd advent candle today, pray for hope for all those who don’t have any.  Pray that someone will step on the path of the hopeless.   Pray that the hopeless will yearn to find out what makes the hopeful so joyous and why they glow.  Whether it be the cashier at the grocery store, a teacher, friend, or a stranger passing who smiles, let the idea of hope start to move through the hopeless.

Once you have had some time to pray, reflect or meditate this morning bake this simple egg dish for your family and enjoy this 3rd Sunday of Advent.  May God fill you and yours with hope during this season and always.

God Bless


Easy Baked Eggs

Add fruit to this breakfast for a well-rounded start to your day

Preheat oven to 350F

4 eggs

4 t cream

12 pieces of Sun dried tomatoes homemade or store-bought–(we make these with cherry tomatoes cut in 1/2, drizzled with olive oil, a little sugar and pepper and roasted in a 350F oven for about 20-30 min.  This will vary depending on the size of tomatoes you are using)

salt and pepper

Fresh basil, chopped for garnish

Serve with buttered whole grain (yes lots of butter) toast

1.  Crack 1 egg each into 4 oven proof pyrex or other over proof dish.

2.  Drizzle 1 t cream over each egg and top with 3 pieces of sun dried tomato and salt and pepper

3.  Place pyrex dishes in a large brownie style pan and fill with hot water to about 1/2 way up on dish

4.  CAREFULLY (water sways when it is moved) put pan in oven

5.  Bake for about 12-15 minutes.  The eggs pictured were baked for 13 minutes and were perfect for me.  The yolk was softly set and the white was cooked

6.  Serve with buttered whole grain toast

Serves 4

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