Three Cheese Fondue with Pickles

Baby it’s cold outside!  I know I can’t complain one bit about our 13C (55F) after what I have been watching on the news about the winter weather in the US,  but once you live in a warm climate for a while you become climatized.  I have two friends who are stuck in NY awaiting a flight back to Hong Kong.  Ah the joys of traveling during winter.

Do you find yourself complaining about everything?  Or is there someone in your life who complains constantly?  Of course, we need to be able to complain or vent to close friends, family or a priest so that we can get guidance or advice, but complaining as a regular mode of communication to all those who come in contact with us just shows the enemy has a hold on us.  Complaining doesn’t solve the problem and it only increases our frustration with the problem which makes us complain more.  It is a vicious cycle and pleasing to the enemy.

How do we break the cycle and become better lights of God?  First, keep your focus on God and take responsibility for your actions or lack of actions.  I think we tend to show ourselves to people when our lives are going well and when our lives have bumps we stay close to ourselves.  Ask God for help!  Talk to a friend or priest!  Talk to me!  With the internet you can even get support online through so many different websites.  Someone is going through or has gone through the same type of problem you are having now.

A second way to stop complaining and blaming is to start  asking God to help you change your attitude to one of gratitude.   Grateful hearts thankful to God don’t have room for complaining.   And a third way is whenever you want to complain or blame stop yourself and count your blessings.  Turning that negative of complaining to a reminder of our blessings makes us feel happy and positive.  Getting into these habits are a great way to start the new year and will please God.

I have said this before, but I can not recommend enough joining a course or bible study at your church or a small group in someone’s home to improve your attitude and outlook.  This has completely changed my spiritual life.  I think I have always been a good person, but with my Thursday ladies group I am a God person!

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you–1 Thessalonians 5:18

God Bless,


Three Cheese Fondue with Pickles

There is nothing that warms you up more than a cheesy fondue:)  I followed this recipe exactly and served it with cubed, toasted baguette, broccoli and cauliflower florets that were par boiled for about 1 minute and plunged into an ice bath.

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