Easy Homemade Sweet Pickles

Church? Check. Prayer? Check. Listening? You may be thinking I mean listening in church, listening to your kids, or listening to music. Not exactly! I mean do you listen to God? Have you listened to God today?

I love it when God talks to me! Twice in the last few days I have had beautiful reminders of His presence in my life. One was at a hotel vending machine when 3 bottles of water came out instead of 2. My daughter was very sick and the machine only took $1 bills. I had $3 and each bottle cost $1.50. When I bought the second bottle, a third bottle came out too. This may seem trivial to you, but the hotel only gives 2 free bottles of water a day and there were no places nearby to get water, plus my daughter was very dehydrated because of her fever. When I got back to my room and flashed the 3 bottles of water I said, “God is good.” She, of course, rolled her eyes.

The second time was when the same daughter and I were headed to her first driving lesson. We met the instructors (husband and wife) in the parking lot of the DMV. The man started talking to my daughter, then noticed my cross necklace, and said, “Nice cross. I guess you are a Christian.” I nodded my head yes, but didn’t say anything because he was still talking to my daughter. Then I saw his bracelet that said WWJD. I said, “Nice bracelet,” and flashed my arm that had the same bracelet. He high fived me and then kept talking to my daughter. Again, that may not seem like much to you, but twice in two days God spoke to me in front of my daughter. THAT IS HUGE!

I have all different faith levels in my house. Sometimes when I show my enthusiasm for my faith debates erupt or the teenage hand appears. But when God talks and my kids witness it, well that just humbles me and surely gets them thinking! I am amazed at His timing and know seeds are being planted.

Are you listening? This week pay special attention to your day-to-day conversations and experiences. God amazes me in the smallest of moments and I sure he will amaze you too!

If God was small enough to understand, he would not be large enough to be worshipped–A quote by the famous writer, Evelyn Underhill

 Easy Homemade Sweet Pickles
This was originally an old friend’s recipe. I have lost touch with her, but she would always make these pickles when we would take road trips up to the mountains. I have tweaked the recipe a little over the years as my tastes have changed.

1 24 oz jar dill pickles, cut into thin slices and pickle juice reserved (I used 365 Brand Kosher Dill Low Sodium)
1/3-1/2 C of sugar
1 long sprig of fresh dill
2 T mustard seed
2 T celery seed
2-4 cloves
1 clove of garlic chopped (optional…I leave this out)

Just layer your pickles, sugar and spices into the jar and then pour as much juice as possible back in. Then, put the top on and let the jar sit on the counter, turning it over each day. After 3 days, put in the refrigerator.

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