Poppy’s Potatoes

Don’t let a disagreement or an argument with a friend or family member cause a rift so big it can’t be repaired. When friends or family don’t believe in us it can really strain the relationship. This seems to be a running theme in so many relationships. When it involves a family member years can go buy with unresolved feelings.

My mantra is “be the better person”  When my friend got angry at the post office attendant the other day, I repeated it over and over.  This is just one simple every day example.  But recently, when a family member was going to a party and seeing another family member where there is major discontent my advice was “be the better person”. And if past disagreements come up I said “make a date to talk at a later time to resolve your differences”.

We interact with many different people with multiple personalities every day and each of us is on our own journey. Sometimes we may know where a person has walked recently and other times we have no idea. I try very hard to think “I have no idea what that person has been through this morning, yesterday, or this week” and then carefully choose my thoughts and words.

Do you have a relationship with a friend or family member that is in need of repair?  Here are a few ways to begin repair. For me prayer is always at the top of the list but in addition, remember THINK  (these tips can be used in so many daily situations)

1. T Is it TRUE?
2. H Is it HELPFUL?
5. K Is it KIND?

Now that you have prayed and practiced THINK, call or meet with your friend or family member.  It may take time and lots of patience to begin the breakthrough, so if meeting or calling won’t work yet, write a letter or even journal if you feel repair will take longer. Remember the story of Job in the bible.  He lost everything but never blamed God. He knew God had a plan for him and he accepted everything in his life.

After Job had prayed for his friends, the LORD restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before – Job 42:10

God Bless,


Poppy’s Potatoes
Southern breakfast comfort food!

1 lb potatoes, peeled and chopped into bite size small pieces (I used 3 red potatoes and 2 regular potatoes)
1 T butter
1 T vegetable oil
Sprinkle of garlic powder or garlic salt
Salt and pepper

1. Heat a large skillet on medium high. Add butter and oil. Once butter stops bubbling, add potatoes

2. Coat them with oil and butter and then let them rest and resist the urge to stir. After 3-4 minutes give them a stir and let them sit again. Keep doing this until they a brown, about 10-12 minutes

3. Cover with a top and turn down heat and cook until soft, about 15-20 minutes depending on the size of your potato pieces

4. Taste for seasoning

5 thoughts on “Poppy’s Potatoes

  1. I totally agree about making amends and being the better person (taking the high road). It may not be easy, especially if the other person is unwilling to reconcile. Pride often gets in the way of reconciliation and restoration. To me, it is only through God’s grace that I can muster the courage to do this! God is good!

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