Simple Scrambled Eggs



I’m an empty nester! Well, not really. Just temporarily while my son is in Japan on a school trip! He is away enjoying the culture in Hiroshima and Okayama, service in local schools and bento boxes. I am trying to be still and in the moment. Focusing on the now and trying to erase the to do list that is constantly replaying in my mind day and night. This is so hard for me but God has been speaking to me loud and clear. First was this week through Prayer Course, and then again this morning. The messages were learning to listen and true rest. So that has been my plan this week!

I listen to God all the time, but I think many times I over analyze if it is really God talking to me and whether or not I should obey. Here are some tips I like to use when discerning HIS voice.

  1. Is your circumstance in line with God’s teachings? Everything that God says to us will be in line with what is written in the bible.
  2. God will use others to confirm his voice- Get confirmation through pastors, Godly friends, or your “board of directors” (my closest friends and family). These people will share your values and can be trusted.
  3. Confirmation through circumstances- pray to God to reveal his will for your circumstance and watch circumstances related to your decision.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart–Jeremiah 29:13

God Bless,


Simple Scrambled Eggs
I love a good scrambled egg! You need to be patient when making these eggs. Slow and low is the key to a fluffy egg.

2 eggs, very gently scrambled and seasoned with salt and pepper
1 scant T butter
1 corn tortilla
1 T julienne tomato, seeded
1 t avocado cream, had this left over and this was a good recipe!) You can just use fresh sliced avocado or mix a little mashed avocado with some greek yogurt, lime, herbs if you have them and dash of salt and pepper)
Cilantro, garnish

  1. Heat a small non stick pan on very low heat for a good 5 minutes
  2. Put butter in pan. It should melt pretty slowly and be bubbly once all melted. Not popping bubbly.
  3. Pour eggs into pan and let them just sit there for a 30 seconds to a minute. You may need to adjust your heat a little lower or possibly a little higher. Once you see the eggs firming up around the edges, use a rubber spatula to gently pull the spatula through the eggs from the top to bottom of pan and once side to side. Again leave to rest 30-60 seconds. Sometimes I add in a diagonal spatula sweep. Keep doing this until the eggs are almost done but still a little wet and have formed large fluffy chunks of deliciousness. Increase your heat just a tad and gently flip eggs over to cook to your desired doneness. This only takes a couple of seconds.
  4. In between egg rests turn on another gas burner and using tongs, toast your tortilla over the open flame until it gets some burn marks. Don’t have a gas stove top? You can do this in a pan or under a broiler.
  5. Once eggs are done add to tortilla and top with garnishes. Roll up and eat:)

Serves 1

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