Maple Chia Pots

Maple Chia Pots 2

What does grace mean to you? Forgiveness, repentance, kindness, courtesy, goodwill, and mercy are just a few meanings that come to my mind. It is kindness from God that we don’t deserve.  We don’t have to do anything special to receive grace. It is God’s free gift to us:)

I feel so blessed spending time with family this summer and receiving God’s grace each day. A few days ago I got an email from my mom about a special ministry called “Graceinside”. It is a ministry being run in a maximum security prison for women in Virginia. I have been praying about this for a few days now and feel a strong nudge to connect with the pastor in Virginia.

I have written in a previous post about a friend who is incarcerated. My friend creates beautiful flower drawings scribed with bible verses. Her vision was to have note cards made with her artwork and by God’s grace her vision of “Grace Notes” was born with all proceeds going to prison ministry. The cards have been sold at bible groups, organized Christian events, and churches. Grace Notes have sold out and been reprinted too! God has a purpose for all of us, even those who are in prison.

In addition she knows the laws and counsels many of the young woman on their cases, even writing to some lawyers in hopes of persuading them to take another look at cases that have been lost. My friend recently wrote to a lawyer who prosecuted her years ago. This prosecutor was very hurtful during her case but she knew he was the best person for the case of one of the young women. The lawyer has agreed to take the case! This is grace taken to another level. Not only do we receive grace from God but we also need to model HIS grace by giving grace.

How are you going to extend grace today and every day? With all the horrible events reported on the news going on in the world extending grace to someone may help to change a life, change a decision, or even change the world!

***For those of you that have read my last couple of posts about Neb he has been intubated for about a month now waiting for a heart. As you can imagine laying in a hospital bed 24/7 has it issues beyond needing a heart. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!

Jesus’ followers are to practice mutual love, hospitality to strangers, and to remember those in prison “as though you were in prison with them.”–Hebrews 13:1-3

Maple Chia Pots
This recipe is from, youtube page and is great on its own but fabulous with yogurt, granola and fruit!

10 T chia seeds
2 T hemp seeds
2 T nut butter
2 C  almond milk (
2 T maple syrup
2 t coconut oil (I love coconut oil but it you will get chunks of coconut in some bites)
2 t ground cinnamon
2 t ground ginger

In a jar with a tight fitting lid, mix all the ingredients and shake. Let it sit for at least six hours in the fridge, or preferably overnight, shaking occasionally when you are opening the fridge. In the morning, enjoy with fruit, Helen’s granola, and yogurt or any combination of your favorite toppings.

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