Skin Care and Wellness Tips

Happy New year!

Welcome to my new Skincare and Wellness page! Message me your skin care concerns. I would love to help you have your best skin:)




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If you are dealing with red noses, rough cheeks, chapped lips and cracked hands, help is on the way! Click on the link below!


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Who doesn’t want a good nights sleep? If you are a mom or dad who has young kids, have teenagers who are out late or just everyday worries that keep you awake at night I have found a new way to sleep more soundly!

I am a single mom who has lived in Hong Kong for 23 years. Raising 3 kids caused me many a sleepless night. About 1 year ago, thanks to my sister in law, I tried using therapeutic grade oils to help me sleep. I was a total skeptic! I can not tell you how much better I sleep! I have recommended it to lots of friends too and they also are amazed.

The oil I started using is Lavender in a therapeutic grade. The cheap stuff didn’t work well for me. I put a very small amount on my palm and rub my hands together and then cup my hands over my mouth and take 3 deep breaths. I do this 2-4 times once I am in bed. I also put it on my pulse points during a busy or stressful day. You can also rub a little oil on the bottom of your feet:)

Once I started using Lavender I no longer need to take Melatonin on a regular basis. Since I have 3 kids on 3 continents I occasionally take a Melatonin after traveling but I am never without my Lavender. Give it a try. Please let me know how your sleep improves. There really is nothing better to start the day than a good nights rest. Sweet dreams 🙂  




Guess which skincare product begins working as soon as you apply it? AND helps your skin look more healthy and wrinkle free? AND most people don’t wear it? 

Yep, I am talking about sunscreen! Do you wear it?

Here are 11 reasons why you need to wear sunscreen on your face daily.



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Great article with practical tips to help acne sufferers! The only things I would add are changing your pillow case and make sure you nix the soda’s and drink water! 



A girl can’t have enough lipsticks💄💄💄 Am I right? I love this color! It is MAC’s WHIRL compliments of #nationallipstickday #MACLipsLipsLips

To get WHIRL click here 🙂





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